Give me back my red T-shirt!


Once upon a time, I was a student who was finishing his first year at the university. I did not find so much meaning in what I was studying, but that’s another story.

For a few weeks, I moved to a student campus: a colleague of mine was going home and told me that I could use her room and sleep in her bed. The room had two beds and it turned out that the other bed was occupied by another girl, for a short period of time, in a similar situation to mine.

I had 2-3 weeks with exams, therefore I was spending most of the days inside the university learning for tests, returning in the room in the afternoon or evening. I did not get to know so well the roommate, but I remember considering her a beautiful girl and that her boyfriend was a Police officer.

One afternoon, at the end of exams period, I returned as usual in the room. The door was open, but nobody was inside. The room had a small sink and in it I saw a small carpet, all wet. The roommate and her stuff were not there anymore. I found a handwritten note, signed by this girl, saying that there has been a flood in the room when nobody was inside and somebody else entered the room to turn off the water. She also noticed that some of her objects were missing and that she went to her home town right after the event.

Shortly after, I noticed that some of my belongings were missing too: a blue dress, a red T-shirt, some other clothes and cosmetics. I just assumed that, with the door open, anybody could have taken them. I felt quite overwhelmed by the loss and had a strong feeling of despair. I did not know what to do in that moment. I would have called my mother, but was not so sure that she could just listen without making me feel guilty, so I gave up the idea of talking to her. I looked in the mirror above the sink, took some scissors and started to cut my hair, 3-4 cm. I just had to do something as I felt like I was losing my mind. Back then, I had no idea how to process a loss. I was feeling lost and it all seemed like a very bad dream. I could not believe that such a situation could have happened to me.

After some days, while getting on a bus, I noticed the girl who was my roommate. She was wearing exactly the red T-shirt that was missing from my stuff. It has been bought from another city and had a not so usual design, so right away I noticed it. I realized that the girl was the one who had stolen my clothes and cosmetics and that the handwritten note was all bullshit. Still, the thought that her boyfriend was working in the Police made me give up the idea of reporting her to this institution. I felt small, helpless and sad, with a heavy weight in all my body.

Now, such a situation requires a more spiritual approach.

Me, the one I am today, I am getting on that bus and go straight to the girl wearing my red T-shirt, look her in the eyes and yell at her: “You give me back my red T-shirt and 10 times the value of goods you have stolen from me. Now, bitch!”

And when I get off the bus, in one hand I have my red T-shirt and in the other hand, the money.


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