Coco, the holder of my fears


One day, as I was worrying about the future, my intuition told me to transfer my fear, like give it to something or someone else. So I imagined I have a small doll and that I literally take the fear out of myself and give it to the doll. Doing so, I felt peace inside, no rush or worry. That was good, as from a place of worry and concern, my decisions are not usually healthy for myself.

I did find the doll and her name is Coco, as it was written on her box. I gave Coco my fears of being rejected by other people, of not having enough money, of a violent death, of covid, of war, of being physically hurt, of not being good enough, of reaching the end of life with regrets, of saying my truth or how I really think about something.

I like Coco and when I hold her, I feel like I am embracing my inner child.

It is not the first time I write about emotions and some years ago, somebody told me “You should not write about this kind of stuff.” So, next time I will write about uninstalling some software, including related to what a person should or should not talk or write about.

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