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This website is a collection of letters, some of them to myself, some to other people.

First time I wrote such a letter when I liked a boy and decided to tell him about my feelings in writing. The idea of just going to him, look in his eyes and tell him “You see, I like you.” felt overwhelming, so I could not do it this way. Writing felt more manageable.

Another time I wrote a letter to a boy who dumped me. I was feeling lost, angry and heart-broken.

I got the first job as a student, in a summer. Two days after, I realized that my expectations as time spent at the job, money and activities were quite far from reality, so in the third day I went no more in the office. That was all. A few years later, I wrote a letter to the manager, with apologies for the not so professional way I acted when quitting the job. I got no reply afterwards.

As a child, I liked to collect stamps. One time, while playing with two friends, I noticed the beautiful stamps that belong to one of them. In a moment nobody paid attention to myself, I took some of the stamps and hid them in my underwear. Later that day, when the missing stamps were noticed and I was asked if I knew something about them, I said that I saw the other friend taking and hiding them in his underwear. 30 years later, I wrote two letters to my friends, telling them the truth and that I was sorry for what I have done.

I wrote some letters also to my parents, explaining them how certain actions or decisions they took have affected me as a child. I cried when writing.

For me, writing is about processing life, fixing some of what has been broken and healing wounds. It has both emotional and physical benefits, as I have seen.

Note to myself: courage is the ability to do something that frightens one, strength in the face of pain or grief.

So, welcome to my website!


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